Math Worksheets

Teaching Squared has a nice selection of various math worksheets to help with instruction. All of our content you see is free for you to download for instructional purposes.

Hover over an image to see what the PDF looks like.  Then you can click on any one of the images to pull up the PDF. You can then print the PDF.

Math Facts

Addition Facts 1 to 10– 64 problems to practice addition math facts from 1 to 10.
64 problems to practice addition facts math worksheets teaching

100 Subtraction Facts to 20– Practice subtraction math facts from 1 to 20.
Subtraction Facts to 20 math worksheets

Multiplication Facts 1 to 100– 64 math problems practicing multiplication math facts to 100.
Multiplication to 100 multiplication worksheets

More Math Facts– Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Math Fact worksheets

Place Value

Place Value to Hundreds 1– Practice numbers to the hundreds place.
Place Value to Hundreds 1 math worksheets

Counting Table to 600– Use number skills and fill in the chart.
Counting Table to 600 math worksheets

Place Value to Hundreds 4– Practice numbers to the hundreds place.
Place Value to Hundreds 4 math worksheets

Get More Numbers– Practice numbers and place value concepts.
Place Value math worksheets


2 Digit Addition No Regrouping– Practice addition skills to the tens place without regrouping.
Computation Addition no Regrouping math worksheets teaching

4 Digit Subtraction– Practice subtraction skills to the thousands place with problems requiring regrouping.
Computation Subtraction no Regrouping math worksheets

4 Digit Addition– Practice addition skills to the thousands place with problems needing regrouping.
Computation Addition Regrouping math worksheets

Get More Computations– Adding and Subtracting skills to tens, hundreds, and thousands.
Computation Addition Regrouping math worksheets


Fraction Comparisons- Compare basic fractions by shading in different number strips.
Fractions math worksheets teaching

Fraction Equivalents- Fourths- Demonstrate fraction equivalencies in percents and decimals.
Fractions Equivalents math worksheets teaching

Fraction Equivalents- Thirds- Demonstrate fraction equivalencies in percents and decimals.
Fractions Equivalents math worksheets teaching

Get More Fractions- Fraction practice with fraction comparisons, equivalencies, and more.
Fractions math worksheets teaching

Thank you for checking out our math worksheets. Come back often as we are always adding new activities for teachers and students to enjoy.

If you're looking to practice math concepts including math facts, math computations, fractions, counting money and more, you can find it here- Math Worksheets . For language arts practice, such as phonics and diagramming, you can find it here- Language Arts Worksheets We also offer a ton of fun activities including mazes, decoding, coloring pages, and more. Find it here- Fun Activities
More free activities for kids will be coming soon. Come back often to see what’s new!

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